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Sowing the future! Maybe on your farm?

The farms

Sowing the future! can take place on any and every farm. The following guide lines though should be respected whenever possible:

  • The farm provides a field ready to sow of about 0.25-0.50 hectare (about 1 acre).
  • The seeds should be of ecological quality.
  • The farm takes care of the crop and whenever possible organizes a separate harvesting.
  • The farm activates 70-100 sowers from its own environment.
  • Sowing the future! can be integrated part of another event (e.i. Thanksgiving).
  • A person of public importance will hold a little speech and participate in the sowing.
  • A co-operation with regional partners (other farms, consumer or environmental associations, schools etc.) give Sowing the future! more importance.
  • Before the actual sowing, a person in charge will introduce the sowers to the topic an give explanatory instructions.
  • The sowing starts conjointly and contemporarily.

The initiative

The initative Sowing the future! is being represented by Ueli Hurter and Peter Kunz, as well as by every farm on which a Sowing the future! event has already taken place. The initiators are responsible for the project's development, the communication and its representation. The head office of the initiative pro-vides the following services:

  • Training and guidance for the actual execution of the sowing.
  • 5 T-shirts and 5 caps for the organizers and helpers; 100 paper bags as a recipient for the seeds for the participants.
  • Banner for the sower's signature.
  • Simple communication aids: flyer, website, presentation on fairs or markets.

Your inscription

Are you able and willing to organise a Sowing the future! on your farm? You as a consumer or partner are perhaps linked to a farm in your neighborhood and are willing to co-organize an event? For information and pictures, go to or ask people or farms that have already participated or organized such an event. We are looking forward to your inscription!

Ueli Hurter, Montézillon, +41 79 339 51 56
Peter Kunz, Hombrechtikon, +41 55 264 17 86

Download: Information for farms